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Jay (JD)
June 7, 2023

Quick and speedy service. After 5min I contacted Geico, Ace Towing called me immediately.

P. S.
March 30, 2023

Friendly, prompt, and reasonable pricing. Shout-out to Harvey for great service!

Matt Leifer
March 28, 2023

Best towing company in the Pensacola area by a long shot! Nothing but quality customer service and and honesty! These guys are by the book and don’t run a fly-by-night business. If you need help, look no further and give them a call!

Moishe Lowe
March 26, 2023
R Walka
February 15, 2023

Motorhome left us on the side of the road. Norm with Ace got us loaded up and delivered to 4 Star Freightliner with no problems. He was quick and professional. Good job!

Amber Brandis
October 23, 2022

Very fast response time was to me in 30 minutes and even called about 10 min out. This was such a relief as I had spent the entire day being told by Kell recovery services that it would just be another hour. From 10am-8pm Kell told me over the phone "soon" before they just stopped answering altogether. Save yourself the headache use Ace they saved the day.

Shelli Moss
August 16, 2022

The guys were amazing I did not catch the one guy's name but Colin he was awesome. But highly recommend if people ever ask me and I will definitely use them again

Mary George
August 5, 2022

Just had my 2007 Edge towed by these guys. Very professional, Excellent service, dispatch were very helpful, were very quick, and efficient even put my car on the carport rolled it right off the truck onto my spot. Thanks guys I know who to send others to.

Natalie Beyers
March 6, 2022

My husband thought he had a half a tank of gas & it turned out the gas gauge was broken. Life savers and super friendly!! Thank you!!

erik wilson
February 15, 2022

Arrived quicker than I thought, super friendly, and went above and beyond helping me push my truck into a narrow driveway.

mikaela perry
November 8, 2021

Ford Motor Assistance contacted ACE to assist us. We were on the side of the interstate, it was raining off and on. ACE contacted us to let us know their ETA. David and Mr. Mitchell were awesome! They were professional, had great equipment and went above and beyond to get us back on the road. We appreciated the service and would recommend ACE Towing.

Jacob Gilmore
August 29, 2021
Katie Moss
July 30, 2021

Called showed up in 30 min. I have a huge 2500 dodge truck. Towed no problem. Price was good and military discount.

Francis Noel
June 15, 2021

The service was awesome. Tony was very friendly and helpful.

Christopher Lloyd
May 4, 2021

I'm an owner operator trucker and had three pieces of equipment to deliver in Destin/Ft Walton. My dispatcher called another tow company who showed up later than expected. They managed to unload one piece of equipment and caused some scratches to it in the process, and when the first company tried to unload the second piece it almost fell off my trailer so I sent them packing. The hydraulics on their boom were leaking and shouldn't even be in service... Then my dispatch called Ace out... and WOW!!! They rolled up in a VERY nice rotator, with all of the equipment (slings, shackles, bridles... AND knowledgeable operators) and got the two remaining pieces off without even a scratch. Ace was VERY professional, and I was very happy. I'll be delivering more equipment in the area that requires being lifted off and Ace will be my ONLY call! If I would've used them first I would be on my way home already. Moral of the story... Call Ace first next time! ***** - 5 Stars!!!

denise pechar
April 19, 2021

We were on side of interstae with flat he helped my husband tighten lugnuts as we were exhuasted from putting tire on. My husband has heart problems and was was raing. Thsnk you for just staying there to make sure we were ok

Steve Scarpa
January 6, 2021
Shannon Flaherty
December 27, 2020

After two other local towing companies no showed me! ACE TOWING SAVED MY DAY!!!!!! Amanda was awesome very helpful on the phone! My driver was super nice and cool! I highly recommend them!!!!

Christa Proctor
September 27, 2020
rafael mata
June 2, 2020
Bobby Kitchens
April 11, 2020

Call Brandon for all of your off road recovery needs!

Shae Marie
March 12, 2020

A complete God send! These gentlemen went ABOVE and BEYOND the job! Mitch, AJ, and Tom; My husband and I thank you so so much!! We have a 31’ Winnebago, we were stranded at a gas station pump for 17 hrs- insurance company barely following thru. Finally found Ace Towing heavy duty capabilities and just absolutely amazing results here. Completely professional, so polite and genuine. Thank you so so so much!! We will recommend Ace Towing to any campers we come across! God Bless you!

Ace Towing
January 29, 2020
Haley Funk
January 26, 2020

Awesome experience, needed to get my car from Milton to gulf breeze. Battery was dead and Rodney jumped it and got it loaded up fast. He was super nice and knew what he was doing. 115 to have it towed to gulf breeze about 17 miles on a Sunday. Very fair pricing and awesome, speedy service.

Kelly Bitzer
November 17, 2019

We live on the road fulltime and traveling from Florida to Arkansas when our truck broke down while towing our camper. So there we were with every thing we own disabled on the side of a busy highway. Ace Towing really came through for us during a very difficult time. They recommend and towed the truck to a shop which addressed the first issue. Ace Towing also arrange a tow for the camper to Eagles Landing campground down the road who made last minute accommodations for us which addressed our second issue. While the situation was rather bad it all worked out ok largely because of Ace Towing.

Ah Parris
November 16, 2019
Teresa Cranford
September 4, 2019

My truck with RV broke down on the side of the road. I spent 4 hours on the phone with Good Sam who told me they couldn't find anyone to come get me. At this time it's getting dark and about to storm. I made one phone call to Ace and things were fine. I had someone else there to take me to where I needed to go so Ace took care of my truck and RV. First, Good Sam wanted to find someone to pick up my truck and RV and tow then dump them at the Walmart until Monday. This was Saturday. Ace offered to tow my broken down truck to a shop and kept my RV for me until I was able to pick it up with the truck. After my truck was fixed, on the way to pick up the RV it broke down again! Pep boys couldn't find someone to come get it so I called Ace ( I was on my way there) and they called Pep Boys so that they were able to pick up the truck again and Pep Boys paid for it. If it hadn't been for Ace I'd probably still be sitting on the side of the road waiting for either Good Sam or Pep Boys to do what they were paid to do in the first place. Thank you Ace and I will recommend you to anyone near that area or RV park that may need a tow!

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